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Working on a bunch of new stuff. It is going to be a busy fall. This is a detail of a new piece, street posters and drywall on wood.

Die Chemische Reinigung

The installation in Berlin turned out quite well. If you are in the city please join us tonight for the opening.


I am very excited to be spending July in Berlin with the i-a-m-tk residency. A new cement installation will be installed at their space in Niederlassung. Stay tuned for updates and installation views.


I am very excited to announce my residency at in Berlin for the month of July. The time will be spent creating a new cement-installation piece that deals with the history of the city; stay tuned for photographs.

fragments of space


Painting, Interior, my newest cement installation, is part of a group show at academic during the month of October. The opening is on Friday, October 16, from 6-9pm. Check it out.


detail view of The Boy Who Came From Glory, a piece of contemporary art by contemporary artist Erik Sommer, found street poster art, street art, found objects, Street Poster Painting

A detail shot of The Boy Who Came From Glory, a new Street Poster Painting.